Leadership day at St. Mary’s

Challenge 2000 was invited to run a leadership workshop day for St Mary’s College to start of the 2017 school year.  The workshop was called “You – The Hero”.  We talked to three different groups about what inspires them to be the Hero in their journey/story.  The young women were incredibly engaging, bright, talented and responsive to our message to be the Hero – whether their quest is to join a sports team, achieve NCEA, strive for a leadership role, make some new friends, step out of their comfort zones or looking at what they want for the future.

Challenge 2000 staff shared parts of their own stories and challenged the young women to start thinking about where their Journey is heading and how they can achieve their goals and dreams.  The workshop ended with the famous Marianne Williamson passage from a Nelson Mandala speech – Our Deepest Fear.  This was passage was used to inspire these young women to be fearless for they are all “powerful beyond measure”.

It was a great and inspiring day for all involved!