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Challenge 2000 is a professional, innovative, responsive, dynamic and passionate Youth Development, Community and Family Social Work Agency. We work mainly throughout the Wellington region, providing a wide range of services and programmes to children, young people, families and community groups.

We also provide these programmes and project work throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. We have a large team of amazing people, with forty full time staff, over five hundred volunteers and many amazing sponsors and partners. Our whānau are from all walks of life and want to make a difference and build a positive, accepting community and country. If you want to get involved contact us today!

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Way to go the ‘Canes!

Posted: 25 February 2020

Another great partnership event with the Hurricanes Rugby Franchise.

Twenty young people were able to support our Mighty Hurricanes in a win against the Sharks on Saturday the 15th!!! Way to go the Canes!!

We support you and we look forward to the next few games where we can again provide support in the Guard of Honor!

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