Youth Houses – Supported Living

Challenge 2000 has youth houses in Island Bay, Lyall Bay and Kilbirnie. Our youth houses are made up of older leaders, youth workers and young people who are living away from their whanau to attend College or gain employment.

Some spaces in the youth houses are for young people on the Supported Accommodation Program, a project funded by the Ministry of Social Development. This project provides young people aged 17-20 with a safe, comfortable space to live while they continue with foundation education, training and/or employment, and develop the essential resources and living skills they need to make a supported transition to independent living.

All our youth houses provide a positive whanau environment where young people and young adults can develop, form community and reach their potential. Our teams within the youth houses ensure the needs of our young people are met, they are loved and their natural families are welcomed and part of the wider Challenge whanau too.

Youth house members learn to cook and actively participate in community events.  Our youth houses vary in size, from 3 to 7 bedrooms with differing numbers of residents.   All young people have a key worker who develops an individual action plan containing measureable and achievable goals. Each young person has exposure to lots of different people, community groups and experiences to build connections, encourage participation and develop networks for ongoing growth.

Every year 16 young people:

  • Are cared for and supported to achieve their dreams.
  • Actively participate in education or work experience, achieve foundation skills and achieve NCEA qualification standards
  • Gain employment and/or apprenticeships
  • Improve their ability to self manage and become more resilient and hopeful for the future
  • Have improved physical, mental and sexual health outcomes.
  • Are clearer about their future goals and the paths to be taken to arrive there
  • Have a deeper understanding of who they are and where they come from

Our youth houses are supported by sponsors and donations. The Marist Fathers and the Mercy Sisters also substantially support these positive, holistic, transformational youth communities by providing properties.