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Youth Houses/Supported Living

5 Youth Houses

Challenge 2000 has five youth houses that a provide positive whanau environment where young people and young adults can develop, learn, form community and achieve their dreams. All the youth house members care for the house, learn to cook, care for themselves and others and also contribute to the well-being of the community through serving others.

“It’s really great being here and getting help with my studies and quite a few hints about how to play rugby – even if they are couch coaches! No, just joking – the support is awesome and has let me reach my goals this year.”

Young person – living in a youth house

"Living in the Bourke St Youth House has been a great learning experience for me, I have learnt a lot about myself, living with others and the importance of community. I have really enjoyed the sense of belonging that has come with living in the youth house, and the way that everyone comes together after long days and we are able to share a meal together, talk and share stories. The youth house is constantly busy and we are always welcoming new people in, whether they are here for a short stay or moving in. One of the obstacles that has been overcome while living in the youth house is being able to adapt to everyone's different personalities and making it work within the house and learning to discuss any issues that arise and sort them out. There is always something going on around the house and it is great to be a part of a community of people who are all so willing to jump on board and give everything a go."

Courtney Halliday -Youth House Leader

Youth house 1
I have really enjoyed living in the Bourke St community this year, with a bunch of vibrant different personalities, and I feel very fortunate to have called this house my home over the past year." Charlotte Jakicevich - Gap Student 2017

Charlotte Jakicevich - Gap Student 2017

Youth House 3
Youth House 4
I am very lucky to live with such great young people who are always open to new opportunities and experiences. I enjoy spending time as a community and we get up to all sorts - missions, celebrating birthdays, being involved in local community events, attending and supporting Challenge 2000 and Marist events, hosting people who come and stay with us and so much more.

Felise So'oa – Youth House Leader