Our mission

Challenge 2000 is a professional, innovative, passionate Youth Development, Community and Family Social Work agency. We work throughout the Wellington Region and at times other places, providing a wide range of services and programmes to children, young people, families and community groups.

Doing so, we are committed to responding to the Gospel by working with people in the search for social justice, social responsibility and personal dignity.

We work in an responsive, holistic and relational way that empowers our young people to develop their strengths, enhance their well-being and to make significant and positive lifestyle choices. We also work hard to strengthen families and support them to achieve what they are capable of and escape some of the poverty or despair traps. Challenge 2000 is a dynamic, active and responsive agency full of people and volunteers who wish to make a difference and build a positive, accepting country. If you want to help…..contact us today!!!

Our programmes

  • Youth Justice programmes
  • Holiday programmes
  • Change workshops
  • Breakfast clubs
  • Drama and music
  • Individual programmes for young people with complex needs
  • Leadership training
  • Groupwork
  • ANZAC Service
  • Supported Bail
  • Community support & Refugee support
  • Kapa Haka
  • Court Supervised Camps

Our goals

Develop and deliver quality youth programmes and services that meet the needs of young people.

Develop and deliver programmes that provide opportunities for disadvantaged and struggling families and individuals.

Develop and deliver programmes that challenge the advantaged and privileged to adopt values and principles consistent with social justice and responsibility.