Transition & Employment skills

We are grateful to have received funding from the Todd Foundation for the past two years to support young people gain work experience to enter the workforce. We develop individualised plans with each young person and coordinate counselling, mentoring, confidence building, health changes, up skilling, connection with role models/groups in the community and work experience as needed. Our team who facilitate this unit have a range of diverse skills and experiences to ensure the holistic needs of the young person are addressed.

We are fortunate enough to have significant partnerships with a diverse number of employers and businesses who are willing to take on our young people and provide work experience and part or full-time employment. These connections allow our young people to gain relevant work skills, a critical part of the transition to employment and adulthood.

Read more about our success with young people here

If you are interested in supporting a young person and providing hands on work experience please contact us to discuss – we have a group of willing, motivated and hard working young people at the ready!