Challenge's Charism

To do the best work we can, we base our actions on many values that include passion, love, serenity and optimism.

In the picture on the right you can see, what defines the charism of Challenge 2000 and which standards we demand of ourselves. Below, a little insight in our contribution to Aotearoa:

  • Serving young people since 1988
  • Being way more than a "9to5" organisation
  • Providing mentoring, supported bail, holiday programmes and more
  • Believing in miracles
  • Providing opportunities to serve and make a difference
  • Supporting the local kids, whanau and Wellington

There are many parts of Challenge!

Challenge is way more than just a normal NGO. To provide the best work we can, we have many sections at Challenge. To get to know these units a bit better, we are introducing them here:

Love works.