How we support the community

Community Missions

Success comes in CANS. Challenge 2000 has 3 pillars: personal dignity, social justice and social responsibility. We believe that we are all here to help each other to live a happy, fulfilling and positive life. We all have different strengths, skills and complementary ways of doing things.

So the Missions part of our work is about those who can assist those who cannot! For example Felise and his crew might trim hedges, mow lawns and change light bulbs because the home owner cannot. In return that homeowner can make a donation towards nappies for a young family, bake a cake to raise money for a youth camp or just give a smile to encourage our crew.

Missions 2

Examples of missions include:

  • Firewood delivery
  • Lawn mowing
  • Shifting offices
  • Flat/house clearing out
  • Window cleaning
  • Driving to events
  • Tree felling
  • Church cleaning
  • Singing at events
  • Car grooming
  • Grave cleaning at the cemetery
  • Rubbish to the tip
  • Serving drinks and food
If you need a "can do" person - call us!