Our History

The Founder, Kitty McKinley

Kitty with Cadence

“This was the year when the impossible seemed possible. As a social worker it was increasingly clear to me that there were huge gaps in our society that were simply not being filled. Many people were suffering and powerless and could not achieve their potential nor create a future in which they would be safe, healthy and able to participate in the good things”

Piki Boyles, Kitty McKinley and Savesi Apolo

Kitty McKinley founded Challenge 2000 in 1988 as a local youth initiative to support young people to develop and achieve their potential and older people to serve and thrive, not just survive. It began with a little office with three “employees”, who often worked for the reason of justice and not for the reason of their salary at the end of the week. Kitty’s philosophy is that “love works” sooner or later, so with a lot of love, enthusiasm for young people, the support of a generous community and professionalism Challenge 2000 was born. Our team has grown significantly over the years as we have evolved and responded to the needs of our community.

Our Kaumatua, Luke Crawford

Challenge 2000 carving

Kei te tika te kōrero a kuia mā, a koro mā, arā, ‘Mā ngā huruhuru te manu kā rere’ nā reira koutou ngā huruhuru tēnei te mihi arohā ki a koutou katoa. Ko te manu e rere ana he manu atua, he manu tāngata, he manu tiaki me he manu arohā mō te whenua ō Aotearōa nei.

There is an old Maori adage which says, “It is the feathers which enable the bird to fly”. You are the feathers of this bird which is Challenge 2000. It is a Godly bird, a bird of the people, it is a bird of caring and love for this land of Aotearoa.