Historic Halfway House

Key Handover and Guidelines

Welcome, we hope you enjoy your time in this historic halfway house. As it is a Victorian house, with fragile period antique furniture, there are a few guidelines we would appreciate you follow, to ensure others can continue to enjoy this remarkable piece of history.

Key Handover / On Arrival.
We will meet you at the house 10 minutes prior to your booking to let you in, show you around and assist with any needs.

Key Drop-off / On Departure.
We will be there at the end of your scheduled booking to lock up and again assist with any needs.


  • No one is permitted inside with footwear (except disabled or very elderly people).
  • Please make a chair available for people who like to sit down to remove shoes.

Windows and Curtains

  • Please do not pull or open the lace curtains. They are designed to ‘fall’ as a wall of lace.
  • The lead weights in the windows do not work – be very careful if opening them.

Managing a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Please bring your own milk, teapot, tea, coffee and sugar unless arranged prior.
  • Do move carefully as the rooms are small and please don’t lean on the
    pedestal table.
  • For interior meetings and small events there are about 12 cups and saucers and other crockery available to use. Some of these are on the Chiffonier and others are in the drawers under the sink along with 6 small tin cups for little children. Please use the cups and saucers provided to prevent damage to the furniture. Please do not use mugs.
  • Please use the metal bench top for pouring. Do not pour hot water into cups on the antique furniture.
  • Feel free to use the kettle for boiling water. To access hot water, hold ‘safety’ down and press the red indentation on the tap at the same time.
  • Please take your refuse with you. Do not take the tea towels away to launder as we will launder them.
  • Remember to sign the register. Please encourage one person to sign on behalf of families and groups.

Thank you for enjoying our lovely Victorian farm house!