Community Connection

Local connections

Southern and Eastern Suburbs

All of our youth houses are based in the southern and eastern suburbs of Wellington. They are our centres for youth development. Our five houses are made up of young people and youth leaders who have relationships with the community groups where they are based. We have access to the Island Bay hall which provides us with wonderful opportunities for drama, kapa haka and holiday programmes.

Northern Suburbs

We have strong partnerships with businesses, community groups, parishes and groups in the Northern suburbs. Challenge 2000 runs afterschool youth programmes at the Johnsonville and Newlands Community centers for young people in years 7-13.


Since the beginning of Challenge 2000, the agency has had strong links through our staff and whanau in the Porirua community. We have had social workers and youth workers in the local colleges since 2010. Over the years we have run girls’ groups, leadership training, provided mentoring and run school holiday programmes… and we continue to provide all of these services!

National connections


In response to the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake Challenge 2000 initiated and delivered a youth and community development project to support the people of Kaikoura. Challenge 2000 worked collaboratively with Whakatu Rangatahi to deliver this project and we now have an ongoing working partnership. Our team travel to Kaikoura during the school holidays to deliver holiday programmes and support the local community.


Challenge 2000 has a strong connection with the people of Hiruharama and we regularly travel up the Whanganui Awa (river) to connect with the people, provide programmes and visit during pilgrimage. We also host Te Kura o Te Wainui a Rua here in Wellington and build relationships, with some of these students coming to Wellington for their college years. These students live in our youth houses and attend local schools in Wellington, offering them the opportunity to excel both academically and personally.