School start

Dominion Post Friday 20th January 2017: “For a child born today, the cost of 13 years of “free” schooling has risen to more than $38,000, up 15 per cent on 10 years ago.

Shoes, stationery, uniform, class trips, textbooks, school donations, bus passes, and laptops – they all mount up as parents prepare to send their children back to school.

Research by ASG Education Programmes shows that, for a child born in 2017, 13 years of school will cost parents $38,362”.

In 2016, Challenge 2000 Social Workers, Community Workers and Youth Workers worked with 6,000 young people and 350 Families in the Wellington Region. Seems a lot. Yes it is.

We provide intensive services and programmes and people in 8 Colleges on a weekly basis. 70% of these students and their families struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table.

The Christmas crazy buying season also often leads to debts and seasonal loss of income. Then the new school year begins……… you know what it is like even if you have a reasonable paying job.

So already Challenge 2000 is being asked to help with shirts and blouses, school shoes and sports shoes, exercise books and school bags. And who would have though our young people might need rain coats so early… bombs effect the poor and the better off. Then there is actually getting to school – bus passes and lunches ……the list continues.


So can you? your family? your business make a one off donation?

Sponsor a student for a term or a year?

Buy a voucher for some one else when you buy your books and school resources or uniform items? Donate some pre used uniforms or resources?

WE GUARANTEE that your donation goes to the most needy and will make a difference.

If you want more info or to find out how to make a difference then call:

Kitty McKinley or any of the Challenge admin team on 044776827 or DONATE on line to Challenge 2000 : 01- 0519- 0057660- 00 and reference Back to School.

If you would like to sponsor a particular student then also e mail us on and we can arrange personal contact and reports from the student and family so you can see what your donation means.

Thank you in anticipation: it takes a country to raise a child.