What are you doing next year? Gap Year 2018 applications are open!

Leaving College?  Want more meaningful work?

Are you interested in serving others??  In developing yourself??  In gaining different or unusual qualifications and/or experiences?? Do you want to travel within NZ and around the World learning and making a difference to those you meet?


Apply now to join the Challenge Marist Gap Year 2018 with 8 other young adults?


A one year programme of training, development and service, work placements, diverse experiences, and local and maybe international travel. The Gap Year offers you amazing opportunities to develop all the elements necessary for a positive, successful and balanced life.

You are also able get optional extras: a driver’s licence or defensive driving course, first aid certificate, technology training, public speaking, the development of individual skills AND you also get paid!!

So…. if you are leaving College in 2017, or are under 20 years of age and want to try something different, have additional life experiences, serve and make a difference and be part of a positive active community, then contact us and apply for 2018!  There are only 8 places available.

So follow this up now!!

Opportunities like this are few and far between!

Applications close 21st November 2017

The Gap Year starts February 2018

Contact: Jacob Bang or Nicole Simson

Phone: (04) 477 6827

Email: challenge2000@xtra.co.nz

To download your application form click here: Gap Year 2018 Application 






Tongariro Crossing


Caritas Challenge 2017

A new year, a new Caritas Challenge for the year 2017. And many many new tasks and challenges for us in our daily life to help saving our planet.

Over 80 people from Challenge, our Youth Houses and from all around Wellington, Porirua and the Hutt took part of the “Sleep in a cardboard house”-challenge and enjoyed talks, activities, authentic food and workshops about climate change. This year’s main project is the support of Kiribati: Due to the higher and higher rising sea level, it becomes almost impossible for them to stay on their land. But we want to keep up their spirit and culture, their communities and families and became part of the Caritas Challenge 2017 with this weekend’s big event. Sleeping in cardboard houses and learning heaps about how WE can save OUR planet.

How can YOU save OUR planet?


Youth Houses – BIG DAY OUT

Over the weekend, all the Youth Houses got together – a day for fun in the sun, and food to be shared. The day was filled with team sports in the morning, lunch and then more sports in the afternoon. Teams were made up and given a specific colour to wear.

Throughout the day there was a range of games where teams (young and old) played against each other… In the hope to be the winning colour thinking was strategic!
Teams brought their spirit, fairness, fun, laughter and at times, chose to be competitive!!! It certainly was a fun day!
Thanks to all those who organised it and for Junior for the being the ref!!

Breakfast and Lunch Clubs

With schools back in action, Challenge 2000 offers breakfast and lunch clubs at a few colleges in Porirua.  All students from the schools are welcome and encouraged to join us for food, conversation and healthy eating tips.

These programmes began with a hope that they would address various needs for each student that participates.  It’s a great time to socialise outside of the classroom and be nourished with a healthy meal in the process!

Last week at the lunch club we had 20 students come and enjoy some delicious chicken curry with rice and fruit salad on the side.  The menu each week is different, scrumptious and an assortment of goodness! The students seem to really like the variety and it gives them something unique, fun and fulfilling to look forward to each week.

If you would like to contribute towards the breakfast and lunch clubs, please contact Challenge 2000 – 04 477 0045.  Any contribution is appreciated.

Naenae College Tabloid Sports Day

Challenge 2000 attended the Naenae College Tabloid sports day last week. The Hutt put on a hot sunny day – great for sports!!

Our staff got involved with the sports and helping out in true Challenge style – especially on the BBQ!!An exhilarating, fun day was had by all staff, students and volunteers – aching muscles a testament to this!!!!

Fun in the sun snorkelling

Challenge 2000 went snorkelling with St Anne’s School in Newtown. Without Challenge 2000’s support, the trip would not have gone ahead. Unfortunately most families are unable to give up their time due to work commitments so Challenge 2000 was happy to assist where needed.  The staff and Gap students who helped out had great fun, were awesome adult supervisors, encouragers and “guardians” of the children.

It was great to help make a difference and allow these children to get opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t normally get.

And Wellington produced a magnificent day for snorkelling!

Fun day at the Island Bay festival

A MASSIVE thank you to all of our staff and volunteers who helped in preparing for the Island Bay Festival; for donating goods, tidying the section at 209, preparing the Hall and for taking time out of your weekend to help make it a success!

It was a great day humming with lively music, face painting, sausages, baking and loads miscellaneous treasures for sale.

People commented on how nice it was to have the Hall opened up and to learn about Challenge 2000 and the work we do in the Community.


Gap-Year 2017

One place left for this year’s GAP programme – get in quick!!!

Contact Nicole on 021 655 697 TODAY if you would like to experience youth work, social work, service, training opportunities and experiences all while getting paid!!!

Leadership day at St. Mary’s

Challenge 2000 was invited to run a leadership workshop day for St Mary’s College to start of the 2017 school year.  The workshop was called “You – The Hero”.  We talked to three different groups about what inspires them to be the Hero in their journey/story.  The young women were incredibly engaging, bright, talented and responsive to our message to be the Hero – whether their quest is to join a sports team, achieve NCEA, strive for a leadership role, make some new friends, step out of their comfort zones or looking at what they want for the future.

Challenge 2000 staff shared parts of their own stories and challenged the young women to start thinking about where their Journey is heading and how they can achieve their goals and dreams.  The workshop ended with the famous Marianne Williamson passage from a Nelson Mandala speech – Our Deepest Fear.  This was passage was used to inspire these young women to be fearless for they are all “powerful beyond measure”.

It was a great and inspiring day for all involved!

School start

Dominion Post Friday 20th January 2017: “For a child born today, the cost of 13 years of “free” schooling has risen to more than $38,000, up 15 per cent on 10 years ago.

Shoes, stationery, uniform, class trips, textbooks, school donations, bus passes, and laptops – they all mount up as parents prepare to send their children back to school.

Research by ASG Education Programmes shows that, for a child born in 2017, 13 years of school will cost parents $38,362”.

In 2016, Challenge 2000 Social Workers, Community Workers and Youth Workers worked with 6,000 young people and 350 Families in the Wellington Region. Seems a lot. Yes it is.

We provide intensive services and programmes and people in 8 Colleges on a weekly basis. 70% of these students and their families struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table.

The Christmas crazy buying season also often leads to debts and seasonal loss of income. Then the new school year begins……… you know what it is like even if you have a reasonable paying job.

So already Challenge 2000 is being asked to help with shirts and blouses, school shoes and sports shoes, exercise books and school bags. And who would have though our young people might need rain coats so early…..weather bombs effect the poor and the better off. Then there is actually getting to school – bus passes and lunches ……the list continues.


So can you? your family? your business make a one off donation?

Sponsor a student for a term or a year?

Buy a voucher for some one else when you buy your books and school resources or uniform items? Donate some pre used uniforms or resources?

WE GUARANTEE that your donation goes to the most needy and will make a difference.

If you want more info or to find out how to make a difference then call:

Kitty McKinley or any of the Challenge admin team on 044776827 or DONATE on line to Challenge 2000 : 01- 0519- 0057660- 00 and reference Back to School.

If you would like to sponsor a particular student then also e mail us on challenge2000.org.nz and we can arrange personal contact and reports from the student and family so you can see what your donation means.

Thank you in anticipation: it takes a country to raise a child.