Breakfast and Lunch Clubs

With schools back in action, Challenge 2000 offers breakfast and lunch clubs at a few colleges in Porirua.  All students from the schools are welcome and encouraged to join us for food, conversation and healthy eating tips.

These programmes began with a hope that they would address various needs for each student that participates.  It’s a great time to socialise outside of the classroom and be nourished with a healthy meal in the process!

Last week at the lunch club we had 20 students come and enjoy some delicious chicken curry with rice and fruit salad on the side.  The menu each week is different, scrumptious and an assortment of goodness! The students seem to really like the variety and it gives them something unique, fun and fulfilling to look forward to each week.

If you would like to contribute towards the breakfast and lunch clubs, please contact Challenge 2000 – 04 477 0045.  Any contribution is appreciated.