Breakfast and Lunch Clubs

With schools back in action, Challenge 2000 offers breakfast and lunch clubs at a few colleges in Porirua.  All students from the schools are welcome and encouraged to join us for food, conversation and healthy eating tips.

These programmes began with a hope that they would address various needs for each student that participates.  It’s a great time to socialise outside of the classroom and be nourished with a healthy meal in the process!

Last week at the lunch club we had 20 students come and enjoy some delicious chicken curry with rice and fruit salad on the side.  The menu each week is different, scrumptious and an assortment of goodness! The students seem to really like the variety and it gives them something unique, fun and fulfilling to look forward to each week.

If you would like to contribute towards the breakfast and lunch clubs, please contact Challenge 2000 – 04 477 0045.  Any contribution is appreciated.

Naenae College Tabloid Sports Day

Challenge 2000 attended the Naenae College Tabloid sports day last week. The Hutt put on a hot sunny day – great for sports!!

Our staff got involved with the sports and helping out in true Challenge style – especially on the BBQ!!An exhilarating, fun day was had by all staff, students and volunteers – aching muscles a testament to this!!!!

Leadership day at St. Mary’s

Challenge 2000 was invited to run a leadership workshop day for St Mary’s College to start of the 2017 school year.  The workshop was called “You – The Hero”.  We talked to three different groups about what inspires them to be the Hero in their journey/story.  The young women were incredibly engaging, bright, talented and responsive to our message to be the Hero – whether their quest is to join a sports team, achieve NCEA, strive for a leadership role, make some new friends, step out of their comfort zones or looking at what they want for the future.

Challenge 2000 staff shared parts of their own stories and challenged the young women to start thinking about where their Journey is heading and how they can achieve their goals and dreams.  The workshop ended with the famous Marianne Williamson passage from a Nelson Mandala speech – Our Deepest Fear.  This was passage was used to inspire these young women to be fearless for they are all “powerful beyond measure”.

It was a great and inspiring day for all involved!

St. Benedict’s Retreat

In November, Year 7 students of St Benedict’s had a retreat day facilitated by Challenge 2000, in preparation for their role as leaders in 2017.


The day with a prayer and a song about social justice, before warming up with icebreakers. The theme of leadership was exp[lored, and the Challenge staff talked about people who are leaders in their lives. The students then broke up into small groups to brainstorm about what it means to be a leader, and what makes Jesus the model leader. The major themes of service, care and compassion came through strongly.


The students then had an opportunity to put this theory into practice with team activities, and we all quickly realised that this stuff is easier said than done! Communication was seen to be the key, and listening as one of the key components to this!  After a full-on day of discussion and activities we wound down with a reflection exercise and a liturgy, and we referred to the fact that “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate [but] that we are powerful beyond measure”.

The students left inspired and energised to lead their school in a compassionate and considered Christian way in the year ahead. We look forward to watching their progress and success!


Being a Year 12 student, I’ve had my fair share of retreats, many being run by Challenge 2000.  To help out at the St Benedict’s transition day, as part of an amazing Challenge team, was awesome.  It gave me the opportunity to be on the other side of my usual position in retreats.  Instead of being a keen student to learn, I had to be a keen “teacher” to the Year 7s, and help them to become the best leaders they can possibly be!

Throughout the day, the Year 7s were able to find out more about themselves, what is needed to work better as a team, and, ultimately, what is needed to become better leaders.  Different activities stretched their minds, forcing them to think as leaders in what they did and what they could have done to have smoother experiences in each activity.

As a student who has experienced these activities in the past, it was amazing to see how these Year 7s mirror so much of what I would have been like when I was a Year 7 (a bit frustrated at times, but always keen for activities and challenges), and it was my privilege to be in a position to help shape each of the student’s characters.  It was awesome to see the Year 7s grow and learn so much by the end of the day, and I am excited to see what they become in the future.

Ren-C Tamayo

Wainuiomata High School Under 15 Rugby team

One of our Senior Youth Workers, Oke, another youth worker, Junior and two of our Gaps students – Jared and Dylan have been working with this team.  The young men have gone from strength to strength and have had some great wins!! They have grown in their attitude, commitment, skill levels and as a team of brothers.
A big thank you to the Four Winds Foundation for their generous donation that has enabled us to purchase training tops and rugby balls for the team.
What a season – congratulations to the players, supporters, family, coaches and the College.

Breakfast Club at Mana College

Breakfast is served at Mana College!
Have a healthy start to the day! Good chat – Play games – Make pancakes, french toast and other yummy creations.

 Students are welcome to come and hang out (and thaw out) in the warmth every Wednesday morning in Hauroa, 8.30am-9.45am. Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.45.21 am

Leadership Training – 2016 – St Oran’s, Lower Hutt

Three Challenge 2000 Youth Workers provided a leadership programme for Year 13 students.  Together the young leaders explored the principles, challenges and rewards of leadership and set goals for themselves and the College for 2016.  Everyone enjoyed the day – St Oran’s is all go for 2016.


Feedback from the students included:

“I enjoyed the communication games and the meditation because it resonated with me the most and reminded me of key leadership skills! I realised the true importance of my role as a leader in both the school community and the wider community.”

“Being able to learn what it means to be a leader and how to go about being a leader”

“I enjoyed the casual atmosphere that was created, it made it easier to listen and to take the information in.”

Fun times at Newlands Community Centre!!!!

Challenge 2000 are back at Newlands Community Centre every Tuesday 3pm-5pm.

We had a few champion planes in our plane building competition today and we have a lot of exciting activities planned every Tuesday afternoon for the rest of 2016!!

Get ready


If you and your friends are interested in checking it out – come along on a Tuesday after school!! It’s free!