Cambodian House for Caritas Challenge

For the Caritas Challenge, Challenge 2000 set up a Cambodian house. We left the house set up for the following week for people to come through and have a look. We had all of the students from St Brigid’s come along and have a look through the house. Nick Borthwick from Caritas came back in to talk to the students as well. The students really enjoyed what they saw and took lots away from the talk and also seeing the house as well.

We received some lovely cards from some of the students. Some of the feedback we got from the students was.

‘It looked like a real Cambodian house, thank you for setting up the house’

‘My favourite parts of the house were the spices and the smells that were there.’

‘I loved how real it looked.’

IMG_7137 IMG_7139 IMG_7140


Holiday Activity Day 2

Our second holiday programme activity day focused on Teamwork and the various skills and strengths that each person brings to a team!

We gathered at Challenge 2000 where we were separated into teams and came up with a team name, chant and created a team flag. We went down to St Brigid’s school where we competed in old school games like: three legged relay race, sack race and rob the nest. The young people and staff had a great time running around!

After lunch we started with a game of Cat and mouse before settle the group in for our last two activities – Spoken word and Canvas painting. Our lead staff member, Victor shared his passion for spoken word and then took the young people through basic steps of putting together their own group’s spoken word.

Our final activity for the day was to paint on a canvas the word ‘Team Work’ and then their hand print which they wrote around what they bring to a team. Such a fun day with the young people and staff and congratulations to Team Bananas for your win!!


Holiday Programmes

Day 1 – Sports-a-thon!!!!

Our first school holiday programme was a hit! We were fortunate to have a fabulous sunny day and we took advantage of it at St Brigid’s school grounds. We started off the day at Challenge 2000 Youth and Family Centre – there were 35 young people who came along to participate and have fun! We had the push play trailer from Sport Wellington, and had set up three different games – Touch rugby, Netball and Uni Hockey.

Split into small groups to help people get to know one another

Split into small groups to help people get to know one another

Lined up in order of age!

Lined up in order of age!

By lunch time we had all worked up a massive appetite and lucky for us our amazing Trish had worked tirelessly to create 120 delicious ham buns!! We had a splendid lunch break, had our fill, and some people relaxed, ready for the afternoon, while other got into skipping, even double dutch, some played basketball, and others played a game of touch.

D E L I C I O U S !

D E L I C I O U S !

After lunch, we broke up into different groups, some played volleyball, badminton, skipping, swing ball and Lape! The push play trailer had so many games for us to choose from and we did our best to play as many as we could! Throughout the day we kept putting on the sun screen to keep us safe as we played til our hearts were content. Everyone had such a fabulous time and and were all very tired at the end of the day.

Thank you to Sport Wellington for the Push Play trailer, St Brigid’s for letting us use their school grounds, the young people for giving everything a go, staff and volunteers for all their support and to Trish for our yummy rolls! We are all looking forward to our Friday Fun Day! Keep an eye out to see what else we get up to at our Holiday Programmes!

NetballTouch RugbyUni HockeySkipping time Long Ball