Holiday Activity Day 2

Our second holiday programme activity day focused on Teamwork and the various skills and strengths that each person brings to a team!

We gathered at Challenge 2000 where we were separated into teams and came up with a team name, chant and created a team flag. We went down to St Brigid’s school where we competed in old school games like: three legged relay race, sack race and rob the nest. The young people and staff had a great time running around!

After lunch we started with a game of Cat and mouse before settle the group in for our last two activities – Spoken word and Canvas painting. Our lead staff member, Victor shared his passion for spoken word and then took the young people through basic steps of putting together their own group’s spoken word.

Our final activity for the day was to paint on a canvas the word ‘Team Work’ and then their hand print which they wrote around what they bring to a team. Such a fun day with the young people and staff and congratulations to Team Bananas for your win!!