Cambodian House for Caritas Challenge

For the Caritas Challenge, Challenge 2000 set up a Cambodian house. We left the house set up for the following week for people to come through and have a look. We had all of the students from St Brigid’s come along and have a look through the house. Nick Borthwick from Caritas came back in to talk to the students as well. The students really enjoyed what they saw and took lots away from the talk and also seeing the house as well.

We received some lovely cards from some of the students. Some of the feedback we got from the students was.

‘It looked like a real Cambodian house, thank you for setting up the house’

‘My favourite parts of the house were the spices and the smells that were there.’

‘I loved how real it looked.’

IMG_7137 IMG_7139 IMG_7140