National Youth Week

As part of National Youth Week on the 10th of May 2013 Challenge 2000 hosted a youth event at the Johnsonville Community Centre, the theme of Youth Week was “Live Like A Legend”. This was very much reflected in the night which had a strong focus on encouraging young people to believe in themselves and their potential while also celebrating their own success and the success of others.

There was a great turn out of young people from the local Johnsonville community and they were quick to get involved in a number of hands on and fun activities.

One of the highlights was the costume making challenge where the four teams were given 15 minutes to dress a member of their team as their favourite legend.  This provided some great laughs and entertainment as legends such as Sir Edmund Hillary, Superman, Willie Apiata and Richie McCaw made their debut down the ‘catwalk’.

Other highlights included magazine hockey, indoor soccer, bang and a puzzle making challenge which were enjoyed by all the teams who embraced the competitive spirit of the night with the winner claiming free tickets to the Warriors game.

An opportunity was given for the groups to reflect and brainstorm what it means to be a legend in your own family and community with Bridget Roche challenging everyone to believe in themselves and their potential, be who you are and support and encourage your mates.  Reflecting on legends such as Nelson Mandela, Willie Apiata, Dame Whina Cooper and Richie McCaw who showed great respect for others, themselves and their community helped to inspire all to know that we can all be a legends in the present.

The night concluded with a shared BBQ dinner which was fitting as there were many hungry mouths after a busy night of competition.  Many thanks to those who supported the event, particularly Ara Taiohi and the Johnsonvile Community Centre.  It is hoped that the spirit of the night left with everyone remembering that all are called to ‘live like a legend’ in their own families and communities, believe in yourself, respect yourself, celebrate your success and the success of others.