Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu – Giving Back is Giving Forward

The Youth Week theme this year was ‘Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu – Giving Back is Giving Forward.  The Youth Committee put in lots hours of hard work to make the event a great success. We decided to provide a three course meal for our families in Porirua to say thank you, to acknowledge them and to celebrate our families.  The Committee met four times in the weeks leading up to the event to organise the menu, entertainment and the general layout for the night.

One of our members from the Committee spoke at the dinner and shared what it meant to be a youth today and give back to the community. He spoke on behalf of the Committee sharing how we were all seeds that had been nurtured to become strong trees.  It was great to see some of our future leaders using their talents and mixing with the younger children who attended the dinner.

Some of the feedback we received included:

“My favourite part of the night was meeting new people and reuniting with people I haven’t seen for a long time.”

“I think that the youth were celebrated at this event. It was a lovely introduction about who they are and what they do.”

“Thank you very much for inviting my family and I along we had a great night.”

“My favourite part of the night was playing with the balloons, the bubbles and eating the dessert.” (From a 5 year old)


A big thank you to those who supported this event, especially Ara Taiohi and the Tu Hono Marae Whanau.  We look forward to next year’s event and what we can do to make it bigger and better.

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Youth Week Event

On Friday 23rd May Challenge 2000 celebrated youth week with an event, Be the Change Challenge, organised and run  by our Youth Week Committee. It was a fantastic evening which saw Challenge 2000 working with The Rock and Johnsonville Youth Room to empower and support our Youth Committee to bring their event, Be the Change Challenge – positive responses to bullying, to life. Our event was held at The Rock in Ngauranga.

Our youth committee was made up of Matekino, Ivan, Shannon, Robert, Mandy and Leah, who were supported by Bridget, Edwardene and Hezekiah (The Rock). Over a period of six weeks, these young people met to talk, discuss, dream, organise and learn about the theme of Youth Week – Be the Change and what it meant for them and how they would translate that into a meaningful event for young people.

Through our talks and discussions we discovered a passion for Anti-bullying and discovered that Pink Shirt day (Stop Bullying Campaign) was on the Friday we were going to run our event. Things fell into place and we talked about how we wanted to shape Aotearoa. We decided on doing small workshops that would introduce the young people who would participate in our event into different positive responses to bullying. We took participants through a journey – power of words, overcoming being a bully or being bullied, strategies for anti bullying in school, communities, families and friends and opportunities to think about how we want to shape Aotearoa.

We would like to thank John Archbold from Archbold Design for painting Aotearoa for us over two canvases with the empowering words we wanted young people to reflect on and choose which one(s) they would utilise to shape Aotearoa.

Painted by John Archbold

Painted by John Archbold

Also a very huge thanks to The Rock for allowing us the use of their venue for our event as well as all the leaders who came along to help out on the evening too. It was a great to have our two groups of young people come together, meet, discuss different topics and participate during the evening.

Three of the Youth Committee members opening the evening with a song

Three of the Youth Committee members opening the evening with a song


Two of the Youth Committee members running the Power of Words workshop

Two of the Youth Committee members running the Power of Words workshop

Archibold Logo

Rock Logo

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Wellington Sevens

As the rain fell in Wellington it was time to get into our costumes and head off to the stadium to enjoy the action of the first day at the sevens.
Pre Group Photo
We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend this event alongside 7 of our young people and most were excited as it was their first time attending the sevens!
When we first arrived everyone took in the atmosphere and as the night went on we all began dancing to the music and enjoying the action of the rugby.
7s Group Photo
We are all very VERY grateful for this opportunity and want to thank the people who made this happen for us.

Car Wash Fundraiser

On Saturday 16th November we will have a team of car washers in the Remax car park, 18 Moorefield Road (by our admin building), with buckets, sponges, cleaning supplies and big smiles ready to clean cars! If you, your family or friends have a car please come on down and support us, it’s only $5 per car!!

If you have any questions re this event, please contact Bridget Masoe on 477 0045.



National Youth Week

As part of National Youth Week on the 10th of May 2013 Challenge 2000 hosted a youth event at the Johnsonville Community Centre, the theme of Youth Week was “Live Like A Legend”. This was very much reflected in the night which had a strong focus on encouraging young people to believe in themselves and their potential while also celebrating their own success and the success of others.

There was a great turn out of young people from the local Johnsonville community and they were quick to get involved in a number of hands on and fun activities.

One of the highlights was the costume making challenge where the four teams were given 15 minutes to dress a member of their team as their favourite legend.  This provided some great laughs and entertainment as legends such as Sir Edmund Hillary, Superman, Willie Apiata and Richie McCaw made their debut down the ‘catwalk’.

Other highlights included magazine hockey, indoor soccer, bang and a puzzle making challenge which were enjoyed by all the teams who embraced the competitive spirit of the night with the winner claiming free tickets to the Warriors game.

An opportunity was given for the groups to reflect and brainstorm what it means to be a legend in your own family and community with Bridget Roche challenging everyone to believe in themselves and their potential, be who you are and support and encourage your mates.  Reflecting on legends such as Nelson Mandela, Willie Apiata, Dame Whina Cooper and Richie McCaw who showed great respect for others, themselves and their community helped to inspire all to know that we can all be a legends in the present.

The night concluded with a shared BBQ dinner which was fitting as there were many hungry mouths after a busy night of competition.  Many thanks to those who supported the event, particularly Ara Taiohi and the Johnsonvile Community Centre.  It is hoped that the spirit of the night left with everyone remembering that all are called to ‘live like a legend’ in their own families and communities, believe in yourself, respect yourself, celebrate your success and the success of others.










Children’s Day Celebrations!


Children’s Day Celebrations Johnsonville March 2013

Celebrate Our Children was the theme for the Day at Challenge 2000 in Johnsonville.

Following the Children’s Day Service in the neighbouring church Ss Peter & Paul, children, young people, mums and dads, grandads, nanas, uncles and aunties gathered for Kai, games, fun and community.

80 children participated with energy, laughs, hopes, risk taking of differing sorts!! and the natural innocence and exuberance of childhood.  At least 8 different cultures were represented!  What richness.  With a bouncy castle, water slide and face painting set up there was excitement in the air. After a big barbeque feast for lunch the children, took part in apple bobbing, three legged and egg and spoon races for a little bit of friendly competition. Even the parents, Challenge staff and Gap Students were able to embrace their inner child. The message of Children’s Day is treasure our kids and to recognise the gift that they are to us. The day was a huge success, with everyone, kids, parents and caregivers, leaving with big smiles!  It was an awesome event – the photos say it all!

Please help us to continue supporting children by donating money, goods, food, furniture or by sponsoring a whole family!!