Young Mens Leadership Camp

The leadership camp held in the Lower North Island over the school holidays (April 2013) was a great success. The young men embraced the outdoors, getting involved in some awesome activities – challenging themselves (and sometimes us). Over the week the young men explored Kuratau, Taupo and Hawkes Bay, doing a range of activities to build their confidence, raise aspirations and work towards achieving individual goals.
Caving at Tongariro National Park at the local Outdoor Pursuits Centre was an intense but rewarding opportunity for both young men and staff. The boys were completely out of their comfort zones when leading the team through the caves; struggling through tight spaces and braving the elements. Another highlight for the young men was definitely taking the leap at the Taupo bungy. The plunge into the unknown was a chance for the men to not only face their fears but also practice dealing with some of the difficulties they will be faced as young leaders.
They also took part in kayaking, a relaxing afternoon at the hot pools, learnt a haka and had time to reflect.
Overall the camp was a huge success that left the young men more confident than ever and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead as men of honour.