Meri Kirihimete from Challenge 2000

The staff at Challenge 2000 wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a restful New Year!!

Lots and lots of gratitude to all the people who have supported our work.  Without your generous donations, voluntary hours, positive messages, awhi, prayers, wisdom, expertise and many different kindnesses we could not do what we do.  For all the people we have worked alongside – it has been a real privilege and together we have learnt lots and grown much.

Christmas is a time that brings out the best in people.  We naturally seek to share what we have and make an effort to improve the lives of others.  It can also be a time of real stress and pressure when obstacles seem to become insurmountable and relationships fracture and crack.

Please, everyone, look after yourselfs and each other.   Be safe. Be positive. Choose to do the right thing as if the person you most admire is standing right behind you.

Drive carefully, think clearly and love generously!