Activities based learning camp

During the last week of the school holidays,  Challenge 2000 staff had the opportunity to take a few young people on an intensive activities based learning camp.  For 4 days and 3 nights we travelled to Otaki, Kuratau and Taupo.  Part of the purpose of this camp was to take the young people into new environments and allow them to learn new skills, build relationships and take courage in challenging situations.

The first day of the camp we were fortunate to experience blacksmithing, first hand!!  A short workshop was given on how to heat metal safely and then bend it into something useful.  The young people got to make their own designer toasting fork.  They followed the instructions carefully and what they created was impressive!

The scenery was beautiful, including a small lake nearby, where some went for a glide.

The following day, we drove to Kuratau and gathered together that night to play some card games and rest from the long day of travel.

A big day was ahead for the young people.  Visiting the bungee jump was on the day’s schedule!  While the young people were both hesitant to go for the big jump, it was only a matter of time that, with bravery and boldness, both made the jump together! The rest of us watched as they dropped down towards the beautiful river below them.

Overall, the intensive 4 day camp adventure was a great learning experience for everyone involved and we came away from the trip knowing each other a bit better, having developed new skills and achieving more than we had hoped for.