Express Yourself – Music Holiday Programme

Music brings life, much joy and laughter, we love it at Challenge 2000 so what better way to continue on with our holiday programmes than to make some seriously good noise with a day of musical adventuring!

With a range of experience from beginners to maestros, 22 young people and Challenge staff met at Newlands Community Centre loaded with enthusiasm ready to give it a go.
We formed the worlds most amazing ukelele band. Those who could play helped those who couldn’t, and we managed to play two entire songs that sounded both hilarious and awesome. For some, this has inspired a new love of the humble ukelele . ( No joke!)
The joy of making sound together continued with bucket drumming and rhythm games. Using skills of tuning in and listening together we made coherent noise! This was a fantastic experience, and it seemed we could easily be street performers with our loud pleasing sound.
In the afternoon, time was dedicated to performance.  We were inspired by the way people encouraged each other, worked together, practiced and supported each other.  For some this was this very first time to get up in front of others to play or sing and to see and hear the young people get up and perform was something truly special.  The talent was amazing.
Thank you so much to the young people and staff who got involved in the day. And a special thanks to Raroa Intermediate and St Catherine’s College for supplying extra ukeleles.  This day highlighted that music is powerful, and that creativity is in all of us, and when supported and believed in we can do things we never imagined!