Young Leaders Retreat

10 young leaders attended a two day retreat at the Home of Compassion in Island Bay.
The participants learnt about Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and how it is a model for the life of every human being. Participants reflected on the courage it takes to “leave home” and cross the threshold into the unknown. They explored what are the hinders and obstacles they meet on the way and how they can get through the challenges of the wilderness by accepting help from the helpers and having an internal compass that will keep them going. They learnt about courage, the abyss and how to achieve their bliss/mission in life.
Participants also learnt about their Myers Briggs profile and were given another model to understand themselves and others. This made a lot of sense to the young leaders, particularly some of the input on career options and how they learn and make decisions.
In between they did a lot of experiential learning activities, had fun on Mt Victoria and even managed a short “dip” in the sea at Island Bay!  All in all it was a great three days topped off by fantastic food! The training was done by Helen Robinson and Kitty McKinley.