Hawkes Bay Retreats

Some of the team from Challenge 2000 went up to the Hawkes Bay to lead two retreats for young people 16 – 17 years old. The theme for the first retreat was “To Be The Change” and the theme for the second retreat was “Stepping Out In Faith”.

The first retreat focussed on how to make a positive change within their College and community, particularly as these young women will be the leaders in 2017. The day started with a great reflection and scintillating talk on how “one drop in water, joined by other like drops can be a sea of change”. Each tiny drop has the potential to make a great difference to the community. The young women acted out dramas about some great people who were that “one drop within the ocean” – Sir Edmund Hillary, Whina Cooper, Martin Luther King Jr and Mother Teresa. The day ended with a great reflection sheet.

The second retreat consisted of the young people stepping out in faith – what that entails and what it looks like.  People or heros that the young people looked up to were discussed, their qualities and motivation were considered and then each small group presented a drama about these heroes and heroines.  The dramas they did clearly displayed the massive effect their lives had on communities and throughout the world.  A mix of individual inner reflection, group discussion and presentations was really effective for the young people.

A lot of fun, joy, laughter and bonding took place within the days.  The Challenge 2000 staff really appreciated going back and reconnecting with the young people in the Hawkes Bay.  Great moments were shared by all.