Challenge Holiday Antics!!

Another day in beautiful Wellington! I arrived in Johnsonville ready for work and tried to mentally prepare myself for the day.
Nothing could prepare me for what lay ahead!
I checked through my emails, wrote some case notes and checked in with one of the young guys I mentor.
Suddenly Michaela and Jess burst through the door excitedly proclaiming that they were about to go and ride some animals in the Johnsonville Shopping Centre.
“Sorry what?” I said slightly confused.  “We are off to ride motorised stuffed animals in the Johnsonville Shopping Centre, wanna come?”
I thought about it for all of 2 seconds before packing up my work and heading down to the Shopping Centre.
When we got there we were able to choose our steed. Jess chose a grey elephant, mine was a darker elephant with tusks and Michaela chose the cow.
We spent the next 20 minutes racing (too slowly for my liking) round Johnsonville Shopping Centre, much to the delight and confusion of the many of locals.  We started off with a three way race from the entrance of the Shopping Centre around to Countdown and back.
 Michaela and her cow ended up winning with Jess close behind and myself and Nelly (my elephant’s name) coming in last, a wee way back from the pack.  Oh well!
The rest of the time was spent driving around and interacting with the local shoppers.
What a way to spend Monday morning!!!