Timaru – Say NO to Bullying

Over two days we had the opportunity to spend some time with students at Roncalli College in Timaru delivering the message about anti-bullying.  We worked alongside Joy Syliva (Challenge 2000 Social Worker, LSV Burnham) to deliver workshops to help the young people explore what bullying is, the roles they play and what they can do to prevent it in their schools and communities.  All the students were full of energy and willing to give everything a go.

One highlight was definitely the three dramas.  These were prepared by the team to help get the message across.  They were real and really hit home the message about anti-bullying.

The cold was definitely a challenge and a Warehouse run was in order to gather more warm gear but we all really enjoyed the experience and challenge in Timaru.

Here is what some of the team had to say about their experience at Roncalli College:

“Timaru was a great experience.  Being able to educate the Year 10 and 11 students on some of the effects of bullying and seeing how some of them wanted to help fix it was great.  But the trip was most memorable for the growth shown in all 4 GAP students and how they did very well either facilitating or co-facilitating their groups.”

“It was an amazing experience where everyone got involved and managed to grow not only as a team but also as individuals.  It was a good experience to work in a part of New Zealand I hadn’t worked in before.”

“The anti-bullying workshops were really insightful for me to find out that there’s really a big need for education and awareness of what bullying is and how to prevent it for school especially.”

“It was an amazing experience, the mountains, the sea, even just watching the twilight at the end of the day was something amazing.  Challenge 2000 gave us the opportunity of our life, but the thing that makes these experience was the company of the people.”

“It was an awesome opportunity and experience.  It really helped me to become aware of bullying and the ways we can help prevent it.”

Team Timaru

Team Timaru

Timaru - Say No To Bullying

Timaru – Say No To Bullying