Quiz Night!

On Sunday 8th June, at Johnsonville Rugby club rooms, Challenge 2000 held their annual Charity Quiz Night. This evening not only allows Challenge 2000 a chance to fundraise to continue supporting our young people, it also enables them to spend time with their supporter – old and new, in a fun way.

For many of us Gap Year students, the Quiz Night proved to be our first ever quiz night, which was daunting at first but very satisfying in the end. We were all given different roles, from Food helper, raffle runner to answer sheet collector, handing out of prizes and more. For many of us doing this was a new challenge and helped to nudge us out of our comfort zone and have an opportunity to do something we would not normally get to do.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this Quiz Night possible, to the Challenge Staff, family, friends and youth who contributed and participated on the night.

Most importantly, we and Challenge 2000 would like to thank all the people who came along on the night as well as the businesses, organisations, whanau and friends who donated prizes for our raffles. Thank you for your continued support of Challenge 2000 and all the young people and families they work with.

~Gap Students

Happy winner

Winner of one of the three main raffle prizes!

Puzzling over a question

Quiz Team pondering a question

Everyone settling in as MC -Alex Ness, welcomes everyone

Everyone settling in as MC -Alex Ness, welcomes everyone

Spot Prize winner

Winner of a spot prize

Table of Raffle Prizes

Table full of raffles and prizes!