GAP YEAR 2011!


In 2011 Challenge 2000 and the Society of Mary are again offering a Gap Year programme for young people in between College and their next step – work, study, or uni. This full time project involves NZQA training, work experience and placement in a community agency that supports participants career aspirations and future realities. During the Gap Year participants will build up each of the elements required for a balanced life: Work, Social, Personal, Spiritual, Intellectual and Physical dimensions. This yearly programme is exciting and rewarding and makes a big difference both to the participants and those they get a chance to serve. If you are interested find out more now……

So what do our Gap participants think about it so far!!

Talofa lava my name is Andrew Solomona. I am originally from Auckland and have come down to Wellington to take part in the Challenge 2000 Marist Gap Year programme. So far this experience and the opportunities that I have been given have been tremendously rewarding. During my first week at Challenge I was fortunate enough to attend a Social Justice hui where people working in different sorts of Justice fields spoke about how they are doing their bit to make a difference – it was a great learning experience.

The following week I helped with the Saint Patrick’s College Silverstream retreat, which gave me an insight into what it is like to be a leader and role model for young males. Through this I gained many leadership skills with the help of Andy Murray, James Van Schie and Heath Hutton. One of the nights on the retreat we had inspirational speakers share with us, two of these were Tim Duckworth and Matt Crawford. These talks really challenged me and opened my eyes to a number of issues we have in our world today. The next week I and the other five Gap students were lucky enough to spend three days in Kuratau on a camp lead by Kitty and Andy. These days were packed with adventure and reflective discussions. During this first term I have also helped out on a four day camp and also have worked on missions – doing things like building fences, chopping fire wood and doing lawns for older people. We also have lots of talks and have also gone around seeing great things in Wellington – it has been really awesome. This Gap Year programme is the best thing that ever happened to me and there’s a lot left to experience.

My name is Alivia Bowe and I am part of the Gap year programme at Challenge 2000. I have come from New Plymouth and have recently moved down to Wellington to become part of the Challenge team. During my first term at C2K I have been fortunate enough to help run a girls group at Porirua College and help the School Social Worker out at Bishop Viard College. I regularly visit an elderly lady and do odd jobs for her like supermarket shopping or pick up extra medication for her. I have also been organising and running sports games at Newlands Community Centre every Monday afternoon. Each of these have been a real eye opener for me as all of this is a new experience. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and cannot wait for what lies ahead!


Interested in finding out more?

Contact Kitty McKinley at Challenge 2000: Phone: (04) 477 6827