Term 3 Holidays

Sports Day

The third day of our school holiday programme involved team sports, beginning with a game of softball at Newlands Park. The ground was very soft and we all waited with anticipation to see who would be the first to slide into base and make a mess of their clothes! Everyone was very reserved however, and we all stayed clean — during the softball game anyway!

Baseball game

After a snack we made our way to some firmer ground to play non-stop cricket. An entertaining impromptu game of four square began as well. What a fantastic way to spend a lovely fine Wellington afternoon!


Wearable Arts

The World of Wearable Arts Awards Show that was running in Wellington inspired the second day of our holiday programme at Newlands Community Centre.

We formed three teams that were given a special motto each: Jungle, Ocean and Desert. The teams had to create an outfit representing their motto.

We provided various resources containing recyclable rubbish (e.g. empty milk containers, cans, toilet paper rolls, old shirts and sheets, newspaper, rubbish bags, plastic containers) and craft materials (as tissue and crepe paper, paint, glue, wire, tape, and cotton wool). After having had a look at the material, the teams designed their costumes by making sketches before they actually started creating their masterpieces.

Once we had finished the costumes it was time for a fashion show! The models showing off the creations went on stage accompanied by the rest of their team who gave a short explanation. “Team Desert” produced the costume of a tribal warrior hunting for a desert bunny with a spear. “Team Jungle” designed the look of a jungle boy wearing a hat with a magic snake. “Team Ocean” came up with a dolphin dress and an appeal for environmental awareness.

All the participants came up with amazing ideas and showed a lot of creativity in creating wearable art!

Tabea & Stef

Beach Day

On the second week of the school holidays, we went to Titahi Bay Beach to swim and play in the sand. We began with a game of beach volleyball, inspired by some kind person leaving a net partially erected on the beach. Some awesome skills were shown before the breeze picked up and kept blowing our ball away.

A few of the braver members of the group took a dip in the sea while others played in the sand before we went in search of lunch. Once again we were blessed with a beautifully sunny spring day.