Holiday Programme – Games Day

Holiday Programme at Newlands Community Centre

Starting the day with a "Bang"

The Challenge 2000 holiday programmes at Newlands Community Centre began yesterday, Tuesday 06 July, with Games Day! There were 22 young people who ranged in age from 9 to 16 years old. We played games like: Balloon Stomp, A boat came into the Harbour (which tested everyone’s singing skills), Bang and Snakes and Ladders – to name but a few. In the afternoon we watched a movie to finish off a great day! Fun was had by all – couldn’t say who enjoyed it more, the staff or young people – but I do know that we are looking forward to Friday’s holiday programme, which incidentally is fully booked.

Bridget Masoe

Our Favourite game of the day

Thinking of songs - hard but fun game!

Another way of playing Snakes and Ladders