Connie and Mitch’s Road Trip

On the 17th June Sister Connie and Mitch went on a ‘road trip’ to Napier to speak to the Mission Sisters and their associates about Challenge 2000.

The trip started well, with blue skies in the Hawkes Bay saying goodbye to the Wellington rain.  Both stayed at the convent where there was plenty of reminiscing about the sisters’ history in New Zealand, and the extremely harsh conditions the sisters had to face when they first arrived.

Nap Trip_Connie

On Friday 18th Connie spoke to a group of about 30 about Challenge 2000 and what we do.  Connie’s talk was imbued with her passion for the work Challenge does, and her absolute conviction about the paramount importance of social justice, and the group was very receptive.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable two days, and Connie did a tremendous job in describing the true spirit of Challenge 2000 and the wonderful work we do.

 Nap Trip_Connie and the Sisters