Christmas Hampers

Challenge 2000 with your support provided 40 hampers for families to make their Christmas a little happier and less of a struggle. These hampers were delivered throughout the Wellington Region to many families that we have worked with all year. A big thank you to Wellington Girls College, St Marys College, St Benedicts Parish and St Vincent de Paul for their generosity – you have made a difference.

Christmas Hampers


Christmas Hampers

Please help us at Christmas Time!

2012 has been a hard year for lots of people – some more than others. There are many families and individuals struggling and the pressures, expectations and glitter of the festive season often makes it worse.  Some of us are fortunate to have enough and to be able to reflect, relax and enjoy presents and the presence of friends and family.  Many can’t and don’t.

Currently we have around 40 families who need additional support – anything we can possibly offer them…they are:

  • young parents renting on low incomes
  • people who have been forced to the margins of society due to poverty and mental illness   Santas hands full
  • young people who put their trust in people who have let them down
  • single mums with a partner in jail
  • young parents with a car that needs fixing and petrol to get around
  • youth who are alienated form their families
  • Refugee families new to our country with very few contacts and resources

……the list goes on……

Please help us to help these families……we are here working with our people 24/7/52 weeks per year…please support our work…WE NEED YOU!!

If you could possibly spare a few food items (especially fresh food such as vegetables, fruit and meat), or would like to buy some Christmas presents for families, or could possibly donate money or vouchers we would be incredibly grateful. We can come and pick anything up in the Wellington Region.

Our bank account details are:  Challenge 2000 – 01-0519-0057660-00

I know that there are many people struggling this year, so please know that if it is not possible for you to make a donation, there is no pressure or expectation – we can always benefit from prayers and/or good wishes (whichever fits with you!).

Thank you for all your support in 2012 – your efforts either big or small are appreciated by the staff and people of Challenge 2000.

Best wishes for Christmas

Christmas at Challenge

Christmas is a time to celebrate life.  To remember the importance, the joys and the challenges of being part of a family.  Christmas day was made happier for many of our families through the generosity of so many supporters who donated gifts, food vouchers, food and transport.  Challenge staff and extended whanau celebrated throughout the Wellington Region.

Junior turned out to be a brilliant Father Christmas, particularly with the little ones who slept through his ho ho hos!  Unfortunately some of the little ones screamed when they saw him with a big white beard and could only be consoled when he took it off.  However, they enjoyed playing hide and seek, meeting Santa (beardless!), and opening their many presents!  The more grown up members of the group enjoyed cuddling the little babies, having some lovely food, sharing stories about 2011, and relaxing together.

As usual some of our staff were also out and about – fixing a TV for an elderly Johnsonville lady, delivering emergency meat and vegetables, filling up the car with petrol so the family could return to Taranaki, taking out some young men to relieve pressure at home and gathering up soothing lotion for sunburnt adolescents.

The Christmas period is also a hard time for many of our young people who are ‘reunited’ with family members they know little of.  So a lot of our time is spent texting and calling to ensure that the gains the young people have made are maintained over their time away from Challenge.

As always it is great to have staff who are prepared to give up their special Christmas time to support our young people and continue to be there when needed.