Wellington LSV March out

The latest group of the New Zealand Defence Force’s Limited Service Volunteers march out at Tretham Army Camp. The young men and women are supported by a Challenge 2000 social worker and a number of other Challenge staff.

Come along to see some inspiring young New Zealanders achieve great things.

Breaking News!

Alternative Education

It was wonderful to see a news release on September 1 from Anne Tolley and Pita Sharples that there will be an increase in Alternative Education Funding for 2011.

Challenge College has always been fortunate to have a registered teacher and have struggled financially to make ends meet. This is a great start towards meeting the needs of young New Zealanders who deserve and must have the right to a good education.

It is better that they are supported to address their difficulties at adolescence rather than being incarcerated at young adulthood.

Sadly it is true that most prison inmates left college before Year 11 – lets continue to act and put the ambulance nearer the bottom of the cliff! Education is the Key.

Exciting New Project – LSV

April has been an exciting month with the beginning of a partnership with the New Zealand Defence Force on their LSV (Limited Service Volunteer) Programme at Trentham. Challenge 2000 is providing the social work component on the 6 weeks programme for young unemployed New Zealanders. Tina Wilkins and Ed Thirlwall are sharing this role and so far it is proving to be a rewarding and exciting project for all concerned.

Tina Wilkins

Tina says “ This is an exciting partnership which enables us to really make a difference to the LSV participants and be part of a high functioning team. ”

Ed agrees “Trentham is a fantastic environment in which to work and it’s great and professionally rewarding to be part of the Tri-Services group that operates LSV ”.

Ed Thirlwall

Ed Thirlwall

So watch this space as to what happens next.

Challenge 2000 is grateful for this opportunity to utilise and develop the skills of our own social work staff