Youth Justice

Challenge 2000 offers several support avenues for young people who find themselves in the Greater Wellington youth court system. Programmes include Supported Bail, Court Supervised Camp, Fresh Start Mentoring and Supervision with Activity Order.

In recent months, we’ve worked with seven young people on one programme or another, all with on-going support in place. Each of the rangatahi is supported in a way that suits their current needs and situation; assistance with attending school, after-school support, work experience, mentoring and guidance, work-ready preparation and skills development, and pro-social activities such as being a part of a sports team in the community.  

A number of success stories have emerged. Challenge 2000 has supported one young person who successfully completed a hospitality course with a coffee business, leading to potential employment. We’ve also supported another young person through to a discharge from the court system and work towards getting a job. Several of our rangatahi are currently working towards qualifications and are getting experience serving members of the public. For some young people, returning to an educational institute after some time away is a significant achievement in itself. Through a mixture of mentoring, education and guidance, often working in tandem with other agencies, Challenge 2000 has offered opportunities to our rangatahi to develop and succeed in a non-judgemental, supportive environment.