Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Our Hurricanes balls are all pumped up and ready to go out in our Christmas hampers!! These guys are a bit past it to make it in the rugby world but our young ones aren’t! They will be working on their skills all summer ☀️ If you would like to sponsor a ball OR sponsor a family pass for the Hurricanes season so our young ones can make the games, make a donation to 01 0519 0057660 00 – reference Xmas rugby 

We are hugely grateful for all the donations we have already received this Christmas! Hams, cookies, yummy Christmas treats, clothes, money and presents for our young people. You really will be putting huge smiles on their faces come Christmas Day! We will be delivering Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th of December so there’s still a bit of time to donate if this weather kept you home today! Get in touch