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What has been happening at Challenge 2000?

January 2018

Lots has been happening here at Challenge 2000 and it's only January! We have had a very busy month with School Holiday programmes, food parcel delivery, community missions, a youth camp and Staff training. Below you can check out our awesome snaps from the School Holiday Programmes we have run around the Wellington region.

On the 25th of January Challenge held a Wahine Toa Health and Well-being Pamper for females aged 13-17years old. The idea came from the girls themselves, we asked them what they wanted to do in the holidays and they simple said a 'girly day were we feel pampered', so that is what we did. The day started with a healthy smoothie station to prepare us for the day. Our first activity was run by Amanda Hana-Doull (From Nia in Wellington) who taught the girls all about Nia which is a combination of martial arts, modern dance arts and yoga in a workout set to music. Next on the agenda was a well-being session run by Cat Gooding (from Shift Nz) the session helped the girls think about what well-being meant to them and how they can work on their own well-being by making their own well-being profile. We then had Jeanne Balding-Weinstock (from Kulakidsyoga) who taught the girls about mindfulness and yoga - this was a highlight for the girls and really bought them back to their centre. The final activity was run by our very own Lynley Goodisson who taught the girls how to make body scrubs from things they have around the house. We were fortunate enough to give each of the girls their own take home goodie bags filled with amazing donated goods, such as make up, bath bombs and other beauty products. We would like to thank Lynnaires Beautique, Kash Harvey at Skyecandleandbodyshop and Alex Townshend for their kind donations towards these goodie bags. It was a blast of a day and has given us lots of ideas for the next school holidays
I+CHOOSE+ME (TUKUNA KIA RERE) was a creative arts holiday programme, a collaboration between us (Challenge 2000), Hutt City Council and Taiohi Morehu. This programme was centred around young people learning how to develop skills to self-manage behaviour through creative avenues. Each day focused on an empowerment word, making that the theme for that day. (BE BRAVE, BE CREATIVE, BE CONFIDENT, BE YOU). The attendees were given a journal to write down what those words meant to them and write down their reflections for each day. Every day we had specialised mentors attend and run workshops with the young people. We went through topics and themes such as, song writing, spoken word, graffiti/ spray painting, vocal training, choir, free drawing, poetry writing, choreography, dance and body movement! We had just over 20 people engaged with the programme; including families, children and youth. This was a great way for a people to positively engage within a community space, while simultaneously being able to build confidence, resilience and hope. Having the final performance bring the community together in an incredibly encouraging way was great to see within the Koraunui Stokes Valley Community Hub
Wearable Art Mad Hatters Dance Party! A day spent “making and moving ” together, budding designers and dancers in action. This day was set up for us all explore creativity and build confidence by making fun crazy hats, strutting our stuff in the grand hat parade, and by busting out every dance move imaginable in the “lights out” disco. We were treated to a Mad Hatters style lunch with colourful cupcakes and delicious fruit kebabs, and to finish a big surprise visit from the Amazing Travelling Photo Booth for photo action fun and momentos of the day to take away. It was an awesome day and we all had a great time together. The artist Henri Matisse said , “Creativity takes Courage.” It does, and it’s in each in every one of us, it was great to see the staff and kids who came on the day getting stuck in and giving it a go. We had a blast together and the hats were amazing! Thanks also to Dion Howard and the Amazing Travelling Photo Booth, Shaun Beckford at Rockbox Party Hire, The Newlands Community Centre, Sister Marie Roche and the “food crew” and Challenge 2000 for supporting this fun day.
I had soooo much fun making my hat, and crazy dancing. I needed that ice block break

Mad Hatter participant - 11 years old.

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