Wellington City Councillors visit Challenge 2000
Merry Christmas from Challenge 2000

Make a difference this Christmas…

This is how YOU can help make Christmas special for our families

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it is also very hard for many of the families Challenge 2000 works with. We know that poverty is the reality for many of our families, so this year some of our young people have designed a “Giving Cave” here at Challenge 2000. The Giving Cave is open and we now invite you the people of Wellington to come and really help us make Christmas special for the families we work with. We have a Wish List of items below that we would love for you to “give” to be included in our Christmas hampers. Father Christmas, Mary and Joseph will be waiting for people like you the shepherds of Wellington to come in and share their love. No matter who you are please come and visit our Giving Cave at Challenge 2000, 1 Wanaka Street. We will be open again on Monday 15 December from 9am & we will be accepting donations right through to Friday 22 December. If you are unable to physically make it to the Giving Cave you are more than welcome to donate via internet banking 01 0519 0057660 00 – please reference “Giving Cave” and contact us directly on 04 477 6827 if you would like a receipt. Thank you for your generosity and know that you will truly be making the magic happen with all your giving.

WISH LIST - Fresh Fruit - Fresh Vegetables - Fresh Meat - Toilet Paper - Body wash - Body spray - Custard - Cream - Pavlova  - Trifle Sponge - Flour - Sugar - Rice - Oil - Petrol Vouchers - Gift Cards

Please note, we will be delivering to our families on 21 & 22 December - bear this in mind if you wish to donate any fresh produce.

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