Our Missions Crew

Young people supporting their community – doing the hard yards every day, every week, all year. 

Sometimes families or individuals don’t have the time, gear or ability to do some of the harder physical jobs around their place… So who do they call? The C2K missions crew!

The crew is comprised of senior students, job seekers in our Todd Foundation Unit, volunteers, youth workers and uni students who are prepared to get their hands dirty and make a difference. Under the guiding hands of Felise and Simon transformation occurs.

The crew is incredibly hard working and we are proud of them all! Here is what our community has to say about their great work…

“I didn’t think I could handle things anymore. My place was really looking awful and then these angels came along. Words aren’t enough to say what it meant for me and my kids”

“All the young people who helped were wonderful. They did everything with a big smile and nothing seemed hard at all. I am so grateful”

“Wow thanks… you guys are too much, thanks”

Where people are able to we ask for a donation for our Youth and Family programmes. This helps us to keep on supporting those in our community. If you need something done – big or small – contact the Challenge Mission Crew on 04 477 6827.

The Crew hard at work

Before …