Michael Campbell “pops” in with some inspirational words

Challenge 2000 staff were pleasantly surprised when Michael Campbell “popped” into Challenge 2000’s staff training.  Michael spoke to the staff about his upbringing and his desire/passion to succeed as a Professional Golfer.  He spoke of the ups and downs of the world of professional sport.  He talked about “the battle within” – he had to battle his thoughts and feelings in his career but especially in the last round of the 2005 US Golf Tournament, which he won!  People had many different opinions of him throughout his career but he remained true to himself and held the belief always that he could do it.  At times, he said, he had to be selfish to succeed.  Staff were left in awe and inspired from his talk.

Stand out comments from Michael’s talk were:

“No matter how many times he lost his games, he just kept going and going.  Out of 500 games in his career, he won 17 of them.” Ihi

“I inspired myself.” Ihi

“Everytime I failed, I learnt something.  I look at failure as a learning curve.” Nic

“We’ve been given two hands – one is to receive, the other is to give.” Kerry

Challenge 2000 staff with Michael

The Campbell Cousins!