A Tribute and Thanks to Peter Dunne our Local Member of Parliament and Friend

Next year Challenge 2000 celebrates its 30th birthday and this year marks Peter’s 33rd year in Parliament.

Peter attended the first meeting in a Johnsonville lounge when the concept of a grass roots Youth Development Agency in the Northern suburbs was first mooted. Since that day in 1988, Peter has worked tirelessly to support all sectors of our community.  From collecting on Challenge 2000 Street Day Appeals to awarding Certificates of Achievement to young offenders, to applauding elderly volunteers, to debating at our Charity Dinners, to supporting and advocating for those in need of housing, to advising on financial matters, to listening to the suffering of those with serious medical problems…… and everything in between that effected the lives of locals …… Peter has always turned up with a positive, generous attitude and served his people.

All the staff, volunteers and youth leaders at Challenge 2000 and Peter have had a great working relationship.  Peter has visited and inspired staff to keep on going and to make a difference where it is needed.  A fortnight ago on 12th August 2017 Peter contributed to the opening of the new Challenge 2000 premises at 1 Wanaka Street, Johnsonville.


At the opening, Peter said “There are fantastic young people here today…I’ve had the privilege of hearing many of you tell your story, and your achievements, and your success and the role that Challenge has played in that. Everyone deserves to hear those stories because anyone who has done so could never but be optimistic for the future of our young people and for the opportunities that they can seize to be the best that they can very well be. That is what Challenge is all about.

The commitment of this organisation, we’ve seen it this morning in the Haka, in the presentations that have been made…confident, bold, positive young people looking forward to a future. This organisation has been part of that for the last 30 years.

And the fact that you now literally have the house on the hill, a beacon of hope, I think speaks volumes of your tenacity, your commitment and your dedication.

I am absolutely delighted to join this extraordinary Challenge family today to celebrate this wonderful move and as you take one further step in your great journey.”

Kitty, Peter and Jennifer


“Thank you for your commitment to the Ōhariu community and to New Zealand. For over thirty years, you’ve worked to make our communities and our country a fairer place.

In Challenge 2000 we emphasise the value of saying ‘YES’ to the joys and challenges of life. Your years of advocating for social justice in Government has been an inspiration for us to continue hoping and working towards individual and societal transformation.

We’d also like to acknowledge that you’ve been a supporter of Challenge 2000 from the very beginning. Your presence and commitment to people and justice has been noticed by both the Challenge 2000 whanau and our young people.

Thank you for your service and we wish you the best for the next chapter of your adventure.”

Jacob Bang

Jacob and Peter at the Opening August 2017