Youth Justice Camp 2015

Monday 13th April saw Challenge 2000 depart on a week long Youth Justice Camp. The group included two young men referred from Youth Court, one youth leader and three staff. For our two young men the focus of the camp was to develop self-esteem and explore the big questions ‘who am I? And who do I want to be?’

The camp allowed the young people and staff to challenge and expand their knowledge and awareness of who they are, what they are capable of and their potential. It also allowed for the group to explore new and different parts of New Zealand. Along with this the young people were exposed to a range of pro social activities and exercises including camping, bungee swing, white water rafting, wood work and visiting our National Army Museum in Waiouru. Throughout our camp journey many laughs, stories and memories were created and it was great to watch the two young men explore who they are and who they want to be.

With the experiences and relationships built during camp we look forward to watching the boys continue to grow at Challenge 2000, with their whanau and in their own communities.


Lest we Forget

Lest we Forget

2015-04-14 09.37.04

Reflection time after a bush walk

2015-04-13 14.25.02