Odyssey Youth Development Group

Challenge 2000’s Odyssey group only has 4 weeks left! Over the past three months 34 young people from around the Wellington region have met weekly at St joseph’s Mt Victoria for 2 hours on a Sunday night. During this time we have been on a journey together looking at different topics such as Who am I?, Team Building, Communication, Relationships, the Faith context of Aotearoa New Zealand, the Treaty of Waitangi, communication, positive relationships, Social Justice, the lived gospel and Values and Virtues. We have had guest speakers on many topics and have heard many different examples of people living out their  faith and Catholic values today.

Many of the Odyssey participants attended a retreat the first week in September which focussed on ‘Our Journey to Justice.’ Throughout the 3 days we looked at Social Responsibility, Social Justice, Jesus’ example of living out Justice, as well as having inspirational talks from some of the leaders, team building and group bonding. The retreat was a chance for the young people to take time out of their busy day to day lives and be with the other young people and the leaders of Odyssey 2014. This was a great retreat with many stories shared, memories made, insights gained and laughs had by all.

Many of our young leaders have also stepped up and really committed to this programme. It is great to have youth lead youth so effectively – the Youth work Certificate in practice!

Thank you to all who have helped make Odyssey and the retreat possible; from delivering baking and bread, helping with transport, giving up your time, donations, and much more, your help has been greatly appreciated.

Roll on the next few weeks and keep a look out for this programme in 2015.


Group Photo

Group Photo


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