Rotary Youth Leadership Camp

The opportunities just keep coming!

After finishing up on the Challenge 2000 Gap Year I stayed on to do a bit more work during the holidays and just before I went back home, I was sponsored by the Johnsonville Rotary Club to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), a week long camp.

The week was full of very interesting speakers, challenging activities and fun. I had the opportunity to visit parliament and government house giving me the chance to meet the Governor General and a speaker from each government party.

The theme for this week was “unleashing your leadership potential” which I found extremely relevant for me after a very full on year of gaining a whole range of life and leadership skills with Challenge.
Reflection time

Reflection time

It was very comforting to meet a large group of people around my age who were motivated and passionate about leading and we all had differing ideas on how to go about it. My views and values were challenged by the speakers and challenged by the other participants, which I found to be quite an awesome experience. I am extremely thankful to Challenge 2000 and the members of the Johnsonville Rotary for giving me the chance to attend R.Y.L.A  2014.
Because of it I have realized how much of an impact Challenge has had on me and I had the chance to learn a bit more about how that fits with being a leader in today’s world.
Anna Hoskins