Leadership Camps

Last holidays we provided two holiday programmes. One was Wellington based and one Wairarapa based. In Wellington 10 young people took part in a 5 day long Leadership and Development Camp. The group headed up to Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre where they were challenged from the get-go. From trembling on the high ropes, scaling a natural rock climbing wall and coasting through the bush on a flying fox, the young people were tested in various ways.

There were team building exercises where the young people needed to use a range of problem solving skills and work as a team. Throughout the camp, each young person was given the opportunity to step into a leadership role and put some of their new found skills to practice. It was amazing to see they all shone as leaders, supported fellow leaders and surprised themselves as they took the opportunities presented to them, faced and overcame some of their biggest fears over the length of the camp.

The young people also took part in reflecting on personality types, their own leadership styles and were able to identify both strengths and areas of improvement in their interactions. As part of their reflection time, the young people were allowed space to try and better understand themselves and how they interact and work with others.

On the way home to Wellington, with just enough energy, the team stopped off to have few fun games of Laser Strike before returning home exhausted, but ready to take on new leadership roles in their communities.

In Carterton we facilitated a programme based at St Mary’s Carterton – the days went quickly with games, cooking, competitions, paiting, movies and even a pool even in the warm Wairarapa!


Supporting others as they climb the wall

Working as a team to get the job done!

Feeling the fear but doing it anyway!Overcast day doesn't stop them from facing their fear on the high ropes!











Carterton Holiday Programme

Carterton Holiday Programme

painting activityThese holiday programmes are an awesome opportunity for children and young people to have fun and to learn for youth volunteers to gain leadership skills and understand the principles and realities of service and for older volunteers to support, drive and teach skills they have learnt over a life time. Parents also enjoy the break and knowing that their children are safe, happy and being challenged.