Holiday Programmes

We have had awesome school holiday programmes where we have played games and sports, or done activities or had a drivers licence programme. Our recent holiday programmes saw 44 participants over two days meet at St Joseph’s in Mt Victoria in the morning, where we had games and lunch before going to ASB Stadium to play sports. Here’s what two of the participants had to share:

“The holiday programme was really good, better than I actually thought it would be. We first sat down and introduced ourselves and played some games to start getting to know each other. We then stopped and shared lunch together which really helped get to know other people more.” Y.A

“On our way to ASB stadium, we got to socialise more and it was fun playing games in the car, like Spotto. As soon as we started playing sports, you could see that everyone was happy and having fun. Over the two days we got to play Ki‑o‑rahi, indoor soccer, basketball, dodge ball and volleyball. At the end of the day it was all very fun and we all got on really well. We made heaps of new friends and it was good getting out of the house and doing something different. Overall, it was a great experience and we all enjoyed it. I will definitely be doing it again!” L.A

The main feedback we got from the young people was that they wanted to have activities in both weeks of the holidays, SO, currently we are in the process of planning our next holiday programmes, so keep you eye out for more information as we secure dates and confirm details! We would love to have more young people come along, they are great days of getting to meet new people and having lots of fun!

Hol Prog July 3


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