Life Skills Group

Visit to the Compassion Centre

During Social Justice Week our Life Skill’s group went on a trip to see some social justice in action. A number of young people with a couple of Challenge staff were welcomed in to the Soup Kitchen by the friendly staff. We had a tour of the Tory St building. The massive fridge and pantry were full of donations from all over the city. Later the group sat down to have a discussion. We talked about who visits the Centre for meals and why they come. The staff shared a story of a regular dinner guest. It became clear to the group that people get put in situations where they don’t always have choices. We all counted ourselves very lucky to have the freedom to make everyday decisions.

Over all, the visit was a great learning experience. It is awesome to see people doing their bit to help others. A big thanks to the team at the Compassion Centre for having us!

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