ANZAC Remembrance

San Antonio Catholic Church, Eastbourne on Saturday 21st April at 5.30pm.

St Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church, Johnsonville on Sunday 22nd April at 10.30am.

This weekend we are holding special ANZAC liturgies, as specified above. We will be remembering and honouring our family and ancestors who served overseas in war or as peace-keepers in our Defence forces. If you would like to ring or email Therese with your family members name/s or place their names in our special ANZAC box in the church foyer then they will be mentioned during the Mass.

We would also like to create a prayerful display of any wartime photos, medals, and diaries. Ideally these things would be best dropped in to our Challenge 2000 Youth and Family Centre at 27 Dr Taylor Tce, next door to the parish during the coming week before the mass. We understand that these will be treasured items and we promise to treat them as such. Feel free to call 477 0045 or email with ways you would like to contribute.