Sally Blackler : Stepping out for Youth

Sally Blackler is a Challenge 2000 social worker and she is based at the NZDF Youth Development Unit in Burnham. Sally’s role is to provide support to the trainees on the Limited Services Volunteer programme. Please read about Sally’s inspirational story.

SISTERS IN ARMS : Nathan Blackler Memorial Challenge

Auckland to Christchurch

32 Days / 7 Rest Days / 1, 014 Km’s


In 2004, Sergeant Nathan Blackler walked from Auckland to Christchurch in gratitude to all the people who had supported him in his fight against cancer, and to raise awareness and funds for Child Cancer Foundation. Nathan, with his wife Sally. friends, and colleagues made the 1, 014 km journey and along the way raised $65, 000 for the Child Cancer Foundation. Sadly, five years ago, on March 23rd 2007 Nathan Blackler passed away after a long fight with cancer.


This year on Friday March 23rd to 1st May 2012 Sally Blackler and the Sisters in Arms crew undertook this inspiring walk in honour of Sally’s late husband, Nathan and in support of CanTeen. It took the team 32 days, with 7 rest days and 1, 014 km’s to reach their destination.


Challenge 2000 Staff

Challenge 2000 are privileged to support Sally on her journey! The morning of Friday March 23rd Challenge staff gathered, shared breakfast and watched a DVD on Nathan Blackler and his walk in 2004 called Operation Second Chance. We have been inspired by Nathan’s legacy and walked alongside Sally when she reached Otaki, and on her journey through to Wellington.

Please visit their website  for more information.