Whanganui Awa Children came to visit us!

Out for a walk exploring Wellington

Challenge 2000 and the Sisters of Compassion have had a long standing friendship, one that is greatly valued as we can learn so much from the Sisters who answer the call of the gospel every day!  We were first introduced to the children and staff at the Whanganui Awa School by the Sisters of Compassion  when we performed a nativity play two years ago at the school. 

We were lucky enough to have the children visit us in Wellington recently!  We had looked forward to their visit for a long time, and with lots of planning and the help of some very generous people all the plans became a reality.  This was the first time that some of the children had ever been to Wellington so it was very exciting for them!

During their time in Wellington the children visited Te Papa, Parliament, spent time with the Sisters of Compassion in Island Bay, shared meals, visited the Police College and museum, visited the Carter Observatory and had lots of time play and laughter.  It was a very special time for us and them, and we look forward to seeing the children again, both in their place and in ours in the future.